13 Apr 2016

How Audit Firms Can Help in Decision Making?

The main objective of an organization is to maximize the profits of its shareholders and performing its corporate social responsibility. However, a situation may arise in which these profits start reducing and the company needs a complete review of its functioning. This assessment is done by a third party and will allow the management to understand the drawbacks in the business mechanisms and take decisions to make the necessary changes. This process is known as auditing. Auditing is a process through which an independent person or a number of expert financial consultants verify all financial records and books for inconsistencies in the finances of a business. Here are some ways in which audit firms can help in decision making-

Detecting the Issue

The audit process will offer a company’s administration with a comprehensive view of the transactions, enabling them to find out the loopholes and bottlenecks in the business process. This will help in analyzing all issues that a business might be facing and it will help in ensuring that it has a secure future.

Offering All Data at A Single Location

This includes a critical assessment of the different books of an organization like contracts, memorandums, minutes of the meetings, etc. Gathering all the data linked to the issue will help the management to understand the seriousness of the situation and the different implications of the issue. This will help the business to file taxes in the future.

Offering Viable Solutions and Alternatives

Since all the important data will be available in one place, it would help audit firms in Dubai to find a solution to find out a solution quickly. Also, different alternative solutions can be developed which would provide us the option and flexibility to select the one which is best suited to the needs of a company.

Making Wise Financial Planning Decisions

An audit will take into consideration all the monetary transactions that a company performs. Analysis of this cash flow will help the management to understand how much of the finances it needs to invest in which area. This would lead to better lending and borrowing decisions from the firm’s side.

Offering Room for Expansion

The audit will offer a clear understanding of the firm’s status. As per the financial health of the company, the management may decide whether it wants to go ahead with a steady expansion or wait to strengthen its resources.

Creating A Ground for Better Security

Having an audit done by UAE VAT consultants can play a major role in unearthing any fraudulent activity happening within the company. A fraud investigation audit might be done to find out the occurrence of such activities, and the management can take all preventive measures to control such activities.  Thus, it can be assumed that performing an audit is an important process to find out a company’s financial status. All the benefits we have mentioned so far make an audit highly beneficial for a company since it will help the management to take better decisions which will ensure its smooth functioning.

Offers A Clear Perception of a Company’s Financial Status

One of the major benefits of getting an internal audit done is that you get a clear understanding of your company’s financial condition. A flawless audit will offer you a clear picture of everything that is happening in your company to help you make the right decisions related to its finances.

Enhances the Confidence of Stakeholders

There is transparency when an audit of a company is done by an independent audit firm. This offers a lot of assurance to stakeholders. When an audit is done, stakeholders will understand the real state of the company’s finances.

Ensures Profitability

You need to get a business audit done to be ready for the tax period. Getting an audit of your financial records will help you determine whether you are eligible for tax write-offs or not. If you do advance planning, tax filing will become considerably easier for you. Moreover, you can be sure that you are not breaking any law and can, therefore, avoid paying penalties from the tax authority.

Reveals Slack Systems to Check Dishonesty

Regular, efficient business audits will ensure positive results for any business. In the case of businesses which are still struggling, it can find out the possible areas of risk for theft and fraud in their business process.

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