22 Aug 2018

7 Reasons to Hire an Audit Firm in Dubai, UAE

Businesses hire auditing firms for a variety of reasons. A company may need a financial audit of its business’s records for federal auditing or need financial advice to prevent debacles. No matter what the reason might be, companies hire auditing firms for professional assistance and guiding them in financial matters. Here are some of the major reasons why a business needs to hire an audit firm-

Accuracy in Financial Statements Is Ensured

Publicly traded companies need to get their financial records audited on a regular basis an independent audit firm which offers auditing services. All these financial statements need to be highly accurate. Auditors check the accuracy of a firm’s financial transactions and confirm whether the organization follows generally accepted accounting principles in the UAE or not.

Complete Adherence to Existing Accounting Standards

Apart from verifying the accuracy of financial statements, a company which offers audit and VAT filing services also reviews a firm’s accounting methods and processes to validate that it takes steps to check fraud. The auditor verifies the firm’s internal rules for signing checks, process payments to vendors as well as for handling deposits. The organization also needs to satisfy requirements regarding individuals who have access to funds. An audit done by an independent auditor with license allows a company as well as its creditors to know whether they are adhering to the existing accounting standards and guidelines or not.

Accurate Verification of Internal Controls

Auditors confirm the internal controls and processes and are in places for the firms whose audits they handle. They identify vital areas which need to enhanced, and they test the performance of new technology as well as accounting systems. Auditors also check the quality of record-keeping processes and can look for fraudulent events hidden within documents. Auditors analyze the financial data of an organization to make sure that taxes are paid properly and processes are maintained for protecting the security of an organization’s financial data.

Boosts the Confidence of Shareholders

Auditing offers assurance to creditors and investors that the company funds are handled properly. Auditors safeguard the public from investing in companies which utilize corrupt business practices or an attempt to defraud investors using false statements. By reviewing financial statements and going through their accounting records, auditors can decide whether the financial statements and records depict the true picture of a company’s financial condition or not.

They Can Help A Company Retain Its Credibility

In case you are an entrepreneur and manage multiple companies, keeping a track of the day to day financial transactions of all these firms won’t be possible for you. In case there is a questionable deal at any level within your company, there are chances of getting external funds from banks, the stock market or private investors are remote. All creditors check whether you have credibility or not and whenever they come across this type of a transaction, they will reject your application immediately. A professional auditor has a clear idea of how to keep the accounts of a company clean and ensure that you are not faced with these situations.

An Auditor Can Detect Fraud

You are the owner of an organization, and it is not necessary that everyone will share your vision. This may give rise to possibilities of a major or minor fraud at different levels. Very often, fraudulent activities are done by people who have insider access to the major accounts, which makes it challenging for a regular accountant to stop them from doing that. In contrast, a professional auditor who has handled such issues in the past can track down such activities and inform you about such people.

An Auditor Helps in Smooth Running of a Business As a business owner, you have a better idea of how to run a business as compared to any other person. But an auditor has the expertise to keep accounts clean. There are chances that all of his suggestions may not have an impact on your business immediately, but in the long run, they will help in its smooth functioning. Apart from this, auditors can assist you with anything which is interlinked with business expansion, mergers, acquisitions or anything which involves money. Though you may have to spend some money to hire a professional editor, you will derive some long term benefits which will nullify the expenses

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