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VAT Registration In Bahrain Online

VAT Registration in Bahrain Online

VFM Offer the Best VAT Services In Bahrain

VFM Offer the Best VAT Services In Bahrain and VAT Registration Service in Bahrain Online. Contact us today +971 50 319 7374 or Write us at

VAT Registration in Bahrain Online

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Value-added Tax (VAT) is a particular kind of tax which a government implies on your goods’ value or price. VAT is basically a designated based tax, means it depends upon the locality of consumers and the range of sale prices. It is based on the increment made on the value of the products or services you provide to others. Making it simpler for you, VAT, GST (goods and services tax), consumption tax and sales tax are used for the same purpose sometimes, depends upon a particular government policies of your resident country.

Bahrain to Implement VAT in January 2019:

VAT policies are approved by Bahrain’s parliament in its recent delegation to business authorities. Bahrain’s government has decided to implement 5 % of VAT, right from 1st of January, 2019.

As noted from the higher authorities i.e. Bahrain News Agency (BNA) claimed that the House representatives of this country have voted to introduce VAT system in business policies. This discussion was held in the extraordinary session of government ministries as ordered by royal decree.

Michael Camburn, the Indirect Tax Leader of Bahrain at Deloitte Middle East has commented on it, he said that this introduction of VAT is a big challenge to face, for the local Bahrain market practices. He further cautioned that businesses have not more than four months to prepare their strategies and practices for these changes.  He instructed that if the organizations have not added this yet, than they need to start the assessment of tax impact on their practices immediately.

There was the introduction of other reforms also by the higher authorities, where they added the inclusion of VAT system on business practices. The other reforms were regarding pension system and the introduction of a new subsidy program. Also Bahrain government representatives have announced the monetary refurbishment which is needed to balance its economical budget by 2022. This is backed up by an aid of $10 million, by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. The plan tends to manage the debt by $2.1 billion per year, after induction of lower oil prices.

With this compulsory announcement, you must need to opt-for VAT induction in your business practices.

What is VAT registration?

If you have the question that what is VAT registration? Then you must know that for a legal business practice in Bahrain, VAT registration is essential by 1st January, 2019. This process basically requires you to register your business with government. It is obligatory to legalize your active production and sales of business practices. After successful registration of VAT, you become eligible to claim for the return of VAT.

As you complete the VAT registration process, you are labeled to follow some responsibilities. These include:

  • Paying Value-added Tax (VAT), as due according to HMRC.
  • Charging the due VAT, on your services and goods which you do for business dealings.
  • VAT returns – it necessary to be followed quarterly.
  • VAT accounts & records – You need to manage both of these for appropriate maintenance.

Why Do I need VAT Registration in Bahrain?

VAT registration and VAT payables are dependent upon a fix amount of your business revenue as described by the government rules and regulations. For a general idea, a taxable turnover for more that £85,000 you need to register for VAT. You can go for it through HMRC, or a probable and reliable way is through online services.

When it comes to a start-up business, or a small scale business, the owners practice to register for VAT, with a tax turnover under the prescribed amount. For a decision to opt for VAT registration in Bahrain, it is dependent upon the aspect of pros and cons, with additionally you business criteria and your own preferred choice. The specific pros and cons of VAT registration in Bahrain are:

Pros of VAT registration:

VAT registration can benefit entrepreneurs and small business runners, in the following points:

  • Reclamation Choice – You got the option to reclaim some amount of VAT, implemented on the purchase of the specific goods and services of your business.
  • Pre-adjustment Reduces Future Problems – As you opt-for VAT registration before time, and your business starts getting good revenue with time, adding turnover up to the prescribed amount, your business is already managed with VAT system. Your stable business structure is saved from mismanagement.

Cons of VAT registration:

VAT registration is also not favorable in some conditions, for a small business runner and entrepreneurs, these include:

  • Expense Increment – Due to the implementation of VAT charges on your goods and services, the tax prices are added, and therefore it increases your business expenses.
  • Added Workload – As you register for VAT, a proper channel of VAT management is started, is needs filing of VAT returns, keeping of invoices and receipts, maintaining records etc. Resultantly this added workload and more paper work burden.

Bahrain VAT Guide:

Bahrain is the third among the six Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) members, introducing VAT system for business practices. 2016 Unified VAT Agreement for the GCC states is implemented for Bahrain as a state member. It results in harmonizing the VAT union for the different member states. All the states including Bahrain have made an agreement to follow the key principles into their conjugal VAT legislation. However, Bahrain VAT guide includes some variations and changes are implied on the scope of taxable supplies.

Guidelines of VAT Induction in Bahrain:

The VAT implementation period is followed by some specifications which are elaborated through these guidelines provide in Bahrain VAT guide:

  • VAT is due for the post-implementation supplies on the issued invoices and payments prior to 1st Jan, 2019. A debit note is needed to be issued for the original invoice, with proper and error free VAT.
  • The initial supply of goods to other GCC states with VAT implementation, i.e. Saudi Arabia and UAE, will be considered to be treated as exports. Plans for induction of reverse charge supplies with zero-rating to remove import VAT are available. But these plans are not introduced until the system of ESSTRP (Electronic Services System transaction reporting platform) is established.
  • Before January 2019, VAT treatment is not implemented on business contracts, are afterward added with VAT charges. This causes a risk of cash flow for the supplier.

Reducing Your Troubles – Online VAT Registration Facility in Bahrain:

The options available for VAT Registration Services for Bahrain include HMRC or online services. Both the services are beneficial and help to simplify VAT registration process. But the most convenient are the online VAT registration facility. There are many reasons which aids in favor of online VAT registration facility in Bahrain. These include:

  • Online services reduce paper work and workload from your business management team. It saves your time with your expenditure burden.
  • With the use of technology, online services ensure error free management of VAT processes.
  • A timely management is very essential to reduce the risks of losses, online VAT registration services are best for this.
  • When you ask about record keeping, then for VAT induction in your business practices, it is a very essential part. With electronic record maintenance your good amount of data can be saved with security in a affordable range.
  • At a single and unified platform your VAT invoices, receipts, records and returns are easily accessible.
  • With computer technology there are zero errors left for mistake chances, so that VAT implementation on your business goods and services work in a fair and fine way.

Reliable and Trustable – VFM Offer the Best VAT Services in Bahrain:

VFM is proud to offer you the most reliable and trust-able VAT services in Bahrain. VAT registration is obligatory for business practices after the delegation from higher authorities of finance management. It is planned to be implemented from 1st January, 2019. But the search to hire the worthy services is begun from now by the cautious business owners. There are many options available for online VAT registration services, but the best is one which ends in your absolute favor. VFM offers the best VAT services in Bahrain with the pride to provide its worthy services all the way rightly for you convenience. The primacies, for which VFM should be your first priority, include:

Timely Management – No Delay Troubles:

Tax management needs appropriate time management. VAT services are not affordable for management delays. We understand this problem. So we provide complete all the home work before the sue date.

Secure and Safe – Steadfast Services:

Your data is valuable and there is no chance of risk taking regarding security threat. VFM online VAT services work with a well-managed and taut procedure to ensure your information is completely saved.

Professionals of Business Management:

You remain entangled in a hectic busy routine, to reduce your business burden we provide appropriate VAT services. Our professionals are right way serving to provide you a helping hand to your business prosperity. They are qualified and skilled in their work field. They work hard to manage your VAT dealings timely and elegantly to add maximum income and minimal expenses to your business.

Latest Tech Approach – Technology Goals:

With the advancement of technology, latest developed softwares are equipped with all the tactics to manage and maintain financial records in an elegant way. VFM offers the best VAT services in Bahrain with the use of worth and top class technology softwares.

Convenient & Affordable – Client’s Ease:

We care for our clients’ satisfaction and contentment. We strive with our utmost extent to offer the best VAT services in Bahrain with affordable charges. Don’t worry; our dealings are fair and fine. We ask for one time charges, without any undue and additional charges. We leave our clients with happiness and entire satisfaction with our services.

When you work with us, we ensure, you will witness that VFM offers the best VAT services in Bahrain. Feel free to consult us; we are 24/7 available to serve for your ease.

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When Start Registration For VAT in Bahrain?

Start VAT registration in Bahrain from January 2019 and all business and person required to get register for VAT purposes in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  
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