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Exempted Supplies Consultant in UAE‎

Exempted Supplies or goods are referred to those services or items for which the consumer doesn’t have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Similarly, when it’s viewed in the context of Middle East, the VAT Implementation Management Services comes into action when the products do not fall under the category of exempted supplies. In fact, the departments which are linked with the VAT Transaction Management UAE have issued a list of all the marked products which are exempted from GST and VAT. If any individual or an organization is caught in violation of charging more than what is called fair rate, are sanctioned immediately.

Let’s find out about the types of the exempted supplies:

  1. Financial Services.
  2. Resting Any Residential Building.
  3. Donated Goods.
  4. Residential Accommodation.
  5. Penalty Interest.

Financial Services:

The Financial Services which fall in the category of exempted supplies are as follows:

  • Bank Transaction Fees.
  • Loans and Mortgages.
  • Shares and Stocks.
  • Collecting or paying any amounts of interest.
  • Providing credits.
  • Non-deliverable contracts.
  • Delivering Future Contracts.
  • Any kind of financial options.
  • Mortgage brokering.

Additionally, the financial planning fees and its several kinds are also exempted supplies which takes in such services like, implementation fees, monitoring fees, evaluation fees and switching fees.

Residential Dwellings on Rent:

The GST or VAT, is not charged in rent for any sort of residential dwelling. The landlords are strictly prohibited by GST and VAT Implementation Management Services to claim any kind of taxes other than those mentioned in the tenants clause. However, in a case if a developer acquires a certain property for generating a source of income which in turn generates taxable revenue, then a specific adjustment is made in the clause which can benefit both sides.

Residential Place Under a Lease:

The tenant and the head lessee seems to be responsible in setting out a lease with the land owner. Such a lease, also known as a hard lease can extend to a number of buildings. In this case, the supply of that residential place whole lease was settled in the presence of a head lessee, falls under the exempt supply. And in this scenario, it is always made clear the the property will be used for residential purposes unless the following conditions come up:

  • The recipient and supplier comes to an agreement that exemption rules don’t apply.
  • The supply was made as a result of a lease before 16th May, 2000 and prior supplies were treated as a taxable commodity.

Supply of Precious Metals:

Fine and precious metals can be in any form whether raw or refined. In both the cases, such supplies are exempted supplies. They come in various forms such as:

  • Gold, with the purity index upto 99.5%
  • Silver with a purity index upto 99.9%
  • Platinum with a purity index upto 99%.

The VAT Transaction Management UAE has also put salt in the category of exempted supplies but we can’t say for sure that in which countries of the UAE it is treated as an exempted supply.

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